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What is AdWare and How to Stop It

The concept of adware started as something positive and well-intended, but like many things on the Internet, it quickly got ruined by unscrupulous greedy people. Originally, it was about allowing developers to provide their applications for free, supporting them through advertisements shown to the user somewhere on the application interface. This was a good... More

Understanding Ransomware – How Does it Work?

In recent years, a new form of cyberattack has become hugely popular, and it’s a worrying trend, since there is very little that can be done to mitigate the effects one it’s already hit. Ransomware preys on the fact that the most valuable thing in a computer is the data itself, and it attempts... More is a professional antivirus software review and comparison site. We feature the top antivirus applications on the market and are privately owned. We’re in no way connected to any of the companies we feature however some of the companies listed do pay us a referral fee should any new customers sign up via an affiliate link. This arrangement however does not effect, positively or negatively the placement position or prominence of their product on our site. Should you wish to receive more information on this matter, please contact us.