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Below, you will find what we consider to be the top 10 antivirus applications out there. Our Antivirus Comparison table lists only the best virus scanners and removal tools so you don’t need to trawl the web reading review after review of providers you have no real intention of using. The applications we feature are simply the best out there when it comes to the prevention and removal of all well known viruses. We’ve extensively tested all providers in house on a range of hardware from traditional desktop computers, to laptops right through to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Take a look at the software below for more info.

Here are the Best Antivirus Apps for 2018

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Does it pay to do an Antivirus Comparison?

In short, yes it most certainly does. In the Antivirus industry, you have a lot of companies essentially offering the same thing. All of them will do a fantastic job of protecting your PC from the latest threats but you’re going to need to find a solution that’s right for you. It must be compatible, it must be affordable and it must do the task you require without the need for lots of bells and whistles which you’ll pay for but don’t really need. Performing an antivirus comparison is the only sure fire way to get the best virus scanner for your money.

Surely all virus scanners are the same?

Whilst that is a common misconception the truth is that each virus removal tool is entirely different from the next both in terms of features and the true level of protection they provide. Not to mention each application performs differently on different hardware and some applications are suited more to certain operating systems than others. In truth, you need to do a side by side comparison of lots of different applications before you find one that suits otherwise you’ll be left with a scanner which isn’t up to the task at hand and you’ll be more than likely paying a fortune for it.

Do some virus apps protect better than others?

In terms of the overall protection the various virus removal tools and cleaners out there offer when it comes to the more common viruses you can be sure that every solution we feature will be up to the task. However, it’s well know that some companies are more on the ball than others with regards to their software updates and it’s only companies who update their virus definitions and patterns on a daily basis who will truly be able to safeguard your PC from all of the latest threats on an on going basis.

All apps offer :-

  • Virus Detection
  • Malware Protection
  • Trojan Horse Cleaning
  • Adware Removal
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Multi-OS Versions
  • Ransomware Blocking
  • Background Scanning
  • Live Updates
  • Spyware Blocking

Why can I only compare 10 virus removal programs?

When it comes to securing your PC you’re going to want to use a reputable company. It’s as simple as that. For the sake of saving a few bucks a year it really doesn’t make sense to go with a lesser known provider. Choosing a well know Antivirus vendor will make sure that your PC and devices are protected 24/7 including protection against threats from viruses that haven’t even been written yet. That is why we only offer a comparison of 10 virus cleaners. You won’t want to use anyone other than the 10 we’ve featured!

What is a Ransomware virus and how do I know if I have one?

Ransomware is a new type of virus designed to restrict access to your desktop PC, laptop or more commonly mobile device such as phone or tablet. Access can be restricted entirely or the attacker can threaten you with sharing the information found within your device. The only way, typically to stop this is to pay a fee (a ransom) in order to restore access and prevent the loss or sharing of your files. Unfortunately, you’re not going to know if you have a ransomware virus until either you perform a virus scan or the virus is activated. Identifying and removing such a virus before it comes an issue is the way forward. is a professional antivirus software review and comparison site. We feature the top antivirus applications on the market and are privately owned. We’re in no way connected to any of the companies we feature however some of the companies listed do pay us a referral fee should any new customers sign up via an affiliate link. This arrangement however does not effect, positively or negatively the placement position or prominence of their product on our site. Should you wish to receive more information on this matter, please contact us.